Install directions

Build EPICS base


Make sure the disk partition hosting ~/epics is not larger than 2 TB. See tech talk and Diamond Data Storage document.

$ mkdir ~/epics-sim
$ cd epics-sim
  • Download EPICS base latest release, i.e., from

    $ git clone
    $ cd epics-base
    $ git submodule init
    $ git submodule update
    $ make distclean (do this in case there was an OS update)
    $ make -sj

Build a minimal synApps

To build a minimal synApp:

$ cd ~/epics-sim
  • Download in ~/epics

  • Edit the script to include only:

    $modules{'ASYN'} = 'R4-44-2';
    $modules{'AUTOSAVE'} = 'R5-11';
    $modules{'BUSY'} = 'R1-7-4';
    $modules{'XXX'} = 'R6-3';

You can comment out all of the other modules (ALLENBRADLEY, ALIVE, etc.)

  • Run:

    $ cd ~/epics-sim
    $ ./ --dir=synApps --base=/home/beams/FAST/epics-sim/epics-base
  • This will create a synApps/support directory:

    $ cd synApps/support/
  • Clone the simepics module into synApps/support:

    $ git clone
  • Edit configure/RELEASE add this line to the end:

  • Verify that synApps/support/simepics/configure/RELEASE:


are set to the correct EPICS_BASE and SUPPORT directories and that:


point to the version installed.

  • Run the following commands:

    $ cd ~/epics-sim/synApps/support/
    $ make release
    $ make -sj

To run the simApp EPICS IOC server:

$ cd ~/epics-sim/synApps/support/simepics/iocBoot/iocSimEpics
$ ./start_medm
$ ./start_IOC

Build the python server

To build the simEpics python server you need to have Conda installed.

Next, create a dedicated conda environment for simEpics by running:

(base) $ conda create --name simepics python=3.9


(base) $ conda activate simepics

and install the required python packages:

(simepics) $ pip install pvapy
(simepics) $ pip install pyepics

Finally you can build simEpics with:

(simepics) $ cd ~/epics-sim/synApps/support/simpics/
(simepics) $ pip install .

To run the python server:

(simepics) $ cd ~/epics-sim/synApps/support/simpics/iocBoot/iocSimEpics
(simepics) $ python -i